Providing the visitors to your website with a positive experience is key to any business. According to Google's Think Insights,
if a user lands on your website and has a positive experience then they are 67% more likely to buy a product or use a
service of yours. Many websites out there focus more on the aesthetics of the website and completely forget about
the user experience. People are visiting your website because they are looking for something.

With Kenesis you are able to provide the visitors with an interactive platform to engage them. Use the backend client
login system to provide the visitors to your website with up to date information like important documents,
pricelists and more. Use the news feed system to keep your visitors up to date with the
latest happenings in your industry or company.

Use the product retail to showcase your products to the visitors on your website. Use the live support function
so that the visitors on your website can immediately get in contact with you, the best part is the
messages come through directly to your cell phone using the cell phone app.

And as always these applications can all be updated from your own mobile device.