If you have a normal brick and mortar shop, you will invest in solid locks, an alarm system and a security company to protect
your shop, why should your website be any different.

With all the personal information floating around in the internet and online transactions, cybercrime is at an all-time high.

Cybercrime is fast becoming the most common way to steal, lie and damage reputations. Cyber criminals are always
on the look out to line their own pockets off the backs of innocent people.

This means security is of utmost importance, however with some competitive web design platforms available out
there being open source, this means that anyone can develop plugins for these applications.

Some of these plugins can be poorly designed because there are no control mechanisms in place to ensure that only
the most secure and best quality plugins are released to the public, and many of these are written with malicious intent.

Kenesis has kept the security of your site in mind, ensuring all steps have been taken to keep
your website as secure as possible.

Kenesis is not open source, this means that all plugins to your website have been checked and
verified, the source is an experienced programmer with only the best intent.