Kenesis is a website development software that makes editing text and changing pictures etc. on your website quick and easy, with little to no web development experience.

It is a fully mobile friendly Content Management System (CMS).

Which means you are able to create and/or modify your very own website, using an interface designed to make this process quick, easy and understandable for everyone.

There are two steps to this process, step one is the Content Management Application (CMA) which is the user interface, this allows you as the client even with limited experience as a
developer to modify your website by adding or removing images and text etc. without the help of a web developer.

Step two is the Content Delivery Application (CDA) which takes the information that you just added or removed and makes the changes to your live web site, right there and then.


Keeping your website updated has never been this easy, as long as you have internet access you can modify your website from anywhere on any device!

Sitting at a coffee shop with nothing to do? Why not add a couple of images to the photo gallery, from your mobile phone?
On-site and want to show your clients what great work you are doing? Take a photo and upload it to your gallery!
Or what if you own a beauty salon, and would like to give some of your clients tips on how to treat their hair, it's as easy as uploading an article to your News Feed!


  • Live Chat System: This allows potential clients visiting your website to ask you questions if they are unsure about a product or service that you may offer.
  • Search Function: Gives potential clients visiting your website the ability to search through your website, to easily find out if you offer what they are looking for.
  • Completely Responsive: Your website will respond to the device on which it is being shown, whether it be a desktop pc, a tablet or even a cell phone.


Building your own website couldn't get any easier!

Once you have been trained by one of our experienced developers, after one day, you will be able to change the colours, images, text, and even the whole layout of your website with a couple of clicks of your mouse.

Within a couple of minutes you can add new images to your gallery or even add a new article to your news feed.


Means your website will adapt to its environment, in other words it will resize your Images, text and navigation bar to suit the screen size it is being displayed on,
whether it be a computer screen, a tablet or even a cell phone screen. Your website will always look in proportion with the screen